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Explore resources for developing partnerships in service-learning courses in which students collaborate with community organizations, schools, businesses, and governmental agencies to meet community-identified needs. Created by our community partners for use by both partners and instructors together!

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Service-Learning Project Ideas

Explore past partnership projects and imagine the possibilities.

Establishing Equitable Hygiene Products in Hospitals

In the fall of 2019, six students in a junior-level EPICS class embarked on a semester-long project that fostered a unique partnership with the Riley Hospital for Children. EPICS is a service-learning design program in the College of Engineering that allows students to partner with local and global organizations to help effectively address community needs. The students created an interactive, Indy 500-themed hallway wall for children undergoing physical therapy. Equipped with motion sensors, the wall initiates a variety of visuals and sounds when physical therapy patients with various disabilities make their way down the hallway and motivates them to reach the end.

Gathering Data on West Lafayette Residents’ Park Use

In the spring of 2020, students in ANTH 641 set out to engage local residents with recreation amenities in Cumberland Park and better understand how the experiences of park visitors changed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The team used visually engaging, QR-enabled signage along park trails to conduct a survey of park visitors, who scanned the codes with their mobile devices to learn about community resources and share their experiences. The project elicited over 200 engagements with the signs and generated social media posts from visitors and residents. The city is currently planning future QR projects with Purdue anthropology students.

Educating Sixth Graders about the Effects of Drug Use

For the past 15 years, sixth grade students at Otterbein Elementary School have listened to first year professional Doctor of Pharmacy students give presentations about drug abuse and addiction. During the presentations, students learn definitions of concepts related to drug abuse and addiction and develop a deeper understanding of how different drugs impact one’s body and mind. Short quizzes were given to students before and after the presentations to measure their understanding of the material. The presentations and discussions empower the students with knowledge and encourage them to make positive choices later in life.

Engaging Middle School Students with Topics in STEM

In the fall of 2019, a group of graduate students organized and taught a GK-12 gateway class to eighth grade students at Tecumseh Jr. High School. The GK-12 program engages public school students in STEM topics with the goal of fostering excitement and curiosity in the subject. About 20 students were enrolled in each nine-week period of the course, and the lesson plans exposed them to 3D visualization and design concepts. Students used various modeling software to draw isometric views of 3D objects, and at the end of the course, students designed their own cube puzzle and created it with wooden blocks. About 250 individuals were directly impacted by the class.

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