Scholarship of Engagement

Reciprocal relationships with communities that yield impactful and replicable innovations and scholarship across Purdue’s campuses.

What is Engaged Scholarship?

Scholarship is innovative with a high level of disciplinary expertise, can be replicated, produces documented results that are impactful, and is professionally or peer-reviewed. Engagement is the collaboration between institutions of higher education and their larger communities for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity. The Scholarship of Engagement includes: a reciprocal relationship with communities that yields innovations with disciplinary expertise, can be replicated, documented, is professionally and/ or peer-reviewed, and has evidence of impact.

The Guide

A guidebook for documenting, evaluating, and recognizing engaged scholarship at Purdue to facilitate faculty advancement based on the scholarship of engagement.

Professional Development

Faculty development programming designed to foster the development of engaged scholarship in preparation for the promotion and tenure process.


National and Purdue faculty awards for excellence in the scholarship of engagement.


Dr. Ariana Torres

Dr. Torres was a 2019-2020 Scholarship of Engagement Fellow. As a fellow, Dr. Torres worked towards the development of an online “Entrepreneurial Readiness” curriculum that would assist young, beginning, and current farmers with developing sound business strategies.


Dr. Rakhi Karwa

Dr. Karwa was a 2020-2021 Scholarship of Engagement Fellow and a 2021 winner of the Community Partner ESC Award of Excellence in Engaged Scholarship. Dr. Karwa helped to develop the Global Health Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience, which supports College of Pharmacy students at the West Lafayette campus in gaining practical experience working with cultures different from their own.


Dr. Jenny Bay

Dr. Bay was a 2018-2019 Scholarship of Engagement Fellow, a Purdue Multiplying Good Awardee, and a Faculty Engagement Scholar. In partnership with Food Finders, Dr. Bay and her students have conducted research with clients and agencies, written reports, published media, and produced supplementary training materials. This sustained community engagement partnership with Food Finders has directly contributed to the region’s fight against food insecurity, touching the lives of over 12,000 food pantry clients, 1,300 volunteers, and 175 member agencies.