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ARIS Awards – ARIS awards provide recognition for research that aligns with the goals of NSF’s broader impacts criterion or with other definitions/frameworks for societal impact of research. The awards recognize researchers and practitioners undertaking exemplary work in the societal impact of research and higher education.

  • Broader Impacts Champion Award – This award honors an individual or organization that has contributed significantly to establishing and advancing the NSF broader impacts criterion or contributed significantly to the realization of the vision of broader impacts of scientific research. 
  • Impact Goals Award – Award winners in this category will be recognized for significantly advancing engagement in and translation of research to public benefit in one or more areas including but not limited to inclusion, STEM education, science literacy, well-being, STEM workforce development, partnerships, national security, economic competitiveness, and infrastructure. 
  • Impact Innovations Award – This award recognizes recipients for developing new approaches to and strategies for engagement in and translation of research.
  • Enduring Achievement Award – Award recipients in this category will be individuals or organizations that have demonstrated such long-term achievement or established a body of work.