Purdue University in Indianapolis FAQ

Find answers to the questions that students, faculty and staff are searching for most and learn more about the new Purdue University in Indianapolis campus.

Legal disclaimer: The information provided in these FAQs is based on the Definitive Agreements approved by Purdue University and Indiana University in June 2023. The FAQs may be revised, modified, or updated as details are made available. The information provided herein is general information only. Transitioning students are advised to seek out their current academic advisor to confirm specific requirements of the transition to Purdue. Prospective students are advised to seek further information from their admissions counselor.


Until July 1, 2024, IUPUI student programs and services will continue to be offered as they are today. Commitments made prior to July 1, 2024, to those IUPUI students enrolled in degree programs that will transfer to Purdue (called “Transitioning Students”), will be honored. These include, but are not limited to, university scholarships, university-funded fellowships, tuition reciprocity agreements, the opportunity to complete degrees, and (subject to customary Board-approved adjustments) tuition and fee rates. By the end of Spring 2027, we expect most students to have completed or mostly completed their degree programs. Purdue advisors will work with any student who is not on track to finish by the end of Spring 2027 to determine how to support them as they continue to work toward completing their degree.

Purdue University in Indianapolis students starting in Fall of 2024 will take Purdue classes with the same curriculum as those offered in West Lafayette. Students will be with other Purdue students, follow Purdue policies, use Purdue syllabi and follow Purdue learning outcomes and assessment mechanisms (quizzes, exams, projects and the like). Students will also have the ability to take elective and selective classes from Indiana University Indianapolis.

Regardless of how a student registers for one of these classes, Purdue University in Indianapolis students enrolled in an IUI class will be in class with IUI students, follow IUI policies and the IUI calendar, use IUI syllabi and follow IUI learning outcomes and assessment mechanisms (quizzes, exams, projects and the like).

“Teach Out” is a term used by the Higher Learning Commission for students in the transition following the closure of IUPUI and the start of Purdue University in Indianapolis. These are the first Purdue University in Indianapolis students! The students in this category will continue to pursue their currently enrolled degrees through completion for a period of three years following the July 2024 realignment. Purdue is committed to continuing to offer the courses listed in current IUPUI plans of study. By the end of Spring 2027, we expect most students to have completed or mostly completed their degree programs. During or before the Spring 2027 semester, Purdue advisors will work with any student who is not on track to finish by the end of Spring 2027 to determine how to support them as they continue to work toward completing their degree.

Requests to change majors within the Transitioning Student Cohort will be reviewed with individual students, with an eye toward the student’s ability to complete their degree plan as scheduled. The process to modify from an existing IUPUI plan of study to a Purdue West Lafayette plan of study/major is still under consideration.

We are still working on this question and aim to have an answer before students are scheduled to register for classes for the Spring 2024 semester.

IUPUI students should continue with their current clinician as appropriate. Starting Fall 2024, all Purdue University students in Indianapolis will be able to access a variety of on-site and virtual counseling and therapy services from Purdue University’s Counseling and Psychological Services.

Yes. Students will have until Nov. 29, 2024, to declare their intention to complete a Purdue plan of study and receive a Purdue degree. Students who elect to receive a Purdue degree will have until the end of the Summer 2027 session to graduate. This criterion also applies to IUPUI students who are currently undecided on a major. We will work individually with any student who needs more time.

Long term, we want to create a truly integrated experience for students regardless of location. Eventually that means students will take required classes at their home locations but may have the flexibility to enroll in elective or selective courses at the other campus. We are still working out how much of that flexibility will exist in the first couple of years following the realignment.

Purdue University in Indianapolis students will have access to – and the ability to join and participate in – student services and extracurricular student activities offered by Purdue University in Indianapolis as well as, in some cases, IU Indianapolis. Examples include student housing and dining; parking; student organizations, associations, groups, clubs and societies; library access and usage; health, wellness and counseling services and other student support resources; athletic events, recreation and intramural sports; and other such extracurricular activities, services and resources.

For new students beginning on or after July 1, 2024, Purdue University in Indianapolis tuition rates will be the same as those for Purdue West Lafayette. Transitioning students who start at IUPUI prior to July 1, 2024, will pay either the Purdue West Lafayette tuition rate or their 2023-24 IUPUI base tuition rate, whichever is lower.

IUPUI athletic programs will be maintained solely and independently by Indiana University, and those student-athletes will represent the new IU Indianapolis. Work is underway with the NCAA to minimize disruption to existing IUPUI student-athletes. Prospective student-athletes who are interested in Purdue should contact Intercollegiate Athletics in West Lafayette.

After the realignment, Purdue students will be able to join most IUI student organizations but may be prohibited from holding certain leadership positions (such as president). Administration of pre-professional organizations that align with Purdue Realigned Units will transfer to Purdue.

Starting Fall 2024, the Office of the Dean of Students will have an active and supportive presence on campus in Indianapolis. While the office location is yet to be determined, students will be able to obtain assistance to help them be successful. This page will be updated as additional information becomes available.  

There will be some changes because students will start using Purdue systems. We will have more information about specific registration processes available in spring 2024.

Students will be notified by their academic advisor in the spring semester about registering for the fall 2024 term at Purdue University in Indianapolis. Students will be required to meet with their advisor prior to registering for classes. Details about the registration process and system will be coming soon. 

At this time there is no single contact, so please start by talking to your academic advisor.   

For undergraduate students, as long as you have been enrolled in fall 2023, spring 2024, or summer 2024 (if summer 2024 is not the first term), you will be eligible for the transition from IUPUI to Purdue University in Indianapolis. If you are unsure of your particular situation, please speak with your academic advisor. 

IUPUI minors that have been completed by June 30, 2024, will be acknowledged on Purdue University in Indianapolis transcripts. We hope to have an answer soon about whether students will be able to complete IUPUI minors that require Indiana University Indianapolis courses.  

They will say a Purdue University degree was awarded for study in Indianapolis. 

Continuing IUPUI students who want to pursue Purdue West Lafayette programs will apply as transfer students. However, they will not be charged an application fee.    

Students who have been academically dismissed from IUPUI must be readmitted to IUPUI by June 30, 2024, to be considered part of the continuing student cohort. 

Prospective future undergraduate students seeking to attend Purdue University in Indianapolis on or after July 1, 2024, will apply for admission to Purdue University using the processes in place for Purdue University West Lafayette. Prospective students can expect admissions standards to be those of West Lafayette. Students at Purdue University in Indianapolis will be wholly part of the Purdue West Lafayette flagship ecosystem and ordinarily able to participate in student organizations and activities at both locations.

Currently enrolled students will continue pursuing the degree they signed up for at IUPUI. Newly admitted students starting in Fall 2024 will have access to the following programs: 

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

College of Engineering 

  • Biomedical Engineering 
  • Computer Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Motorsports Engineering 

College of Science 

  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Computer Science 
  • Data Science 

Purdue Polytechnic Institute 

  • Animation and Visual Effects 
  • Computer and Information Technology 
  • Computer Engineering Technology 
  • Computer Infrastructure and Networking Engineering Technology 
  • Construction Management Technology 
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Electrical Engineering Technology 
  • Interior Architecture 
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology 
  • Organizational Leadership 
  • Themed Entertainment Design 

Master’s Degree Programs 

  • Biomedical Engineering 
  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Computer and Information Technology 
  • Cybersecurity and Trusted Systems 
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Technology Leadership and Innovation 
  • Sports Engineering, PMP 
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering, PMP 

Doctor of Philosophy Programs 

  • Biomedical Engineering 
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 

Students who are denied admission to West Lafayette are sometimes encouraged to enroll at regional campuses at Fort Wayne or Northwest. Indianapolis is not a regional campus. Students should indicate a desire to be considered for Indianapolis at the time of their original application.

Generally, students will need to register for courses specifically at their assigned location. Long term, there may be added flexibility to support registration for elective or selective courses not offered at a student’s home location.

Any major changes to an existing application, including location preference, are allowed only once an offer is made.

There are only a couple of programs that are unique to Indianapolis. Information regarding Interior Architecture and Motorsports Engineering is available on the website. Information about any other major will be the same as in West Lafayette, and we encourage prospective students to review that information.

We are developing a process to manage change of major and/or change of location that will depend on space availability. 

Degrees for new beginners as of fall 2024 will receive Purdue University diplomas that say “awarded for study in West Lafayette.” 

Yes, generally TSAP pathways and other articulation agreements will work the same.

The admissions criteria will be the same regardless of location.

The admissions deadlines will be the same regardless of location.

No. The student is a Purdue student who may take classes at one or more location in the life cycle of completing their degree.

At this time, we are committed to ensuring university gift aid (i.e. aid other than student loans) remains unchanged for current IUPUI students. More information about merit aid and other scholarships will be available later in Fall 2023.

No. Purdue West Lafayette scholarships will continue to be available at the same levels. We are still exploring whether any other scholarship opportunities will be unique to Indianapolis.

We anticipate we will know more about specific grants and funding opportunities by late Fall 2023.

Students with an active financial hold at IUPUI will not carry the same hold status on their Purdue University in Indianapolis record. Nevertheless, it is imperative to proactively engage with the IUPUI campus to settle any outstanding balances to preempt any further collection actions initiated by Indiana University.

Purdue University will uphold the designated Indiana partner rate for the Midwest Student Exchange Program for transitioning students that were enrolled within their program of study prior to July 1, 2024 throughout the entirety of the teach-out period, extending through the Spring term of 2027.

When the transition is fully implemented, Indianapolis graduate programs will be merged with Purdue West Lafayette programs, all governed by the Graduate School. A Purdue West Lafayette degree would be awarded for students who transition to Purdue as part of the realignment. Current students in the College of Science (except some CS students) will remain students of Indiana University and will have the choice to receive a Purdue or IU degree. Students will have until Nov. 29, 2024, to declare their intention to complete a Purdue plan of study and receive a Purdue degree. Current graduate student fellowships, assistantships, progress toward a degree issued prior to July 1, 2024, will be honored following the realignment for Purdue transitioning students.

Yes. Purdue University will match all funding commitments and, to the extent practicable, provide substantially similar benefits to transitioning graduate students. Graduate students receiving fellowships and assistantships can expect to continue to receive such support under the same terms and conditions outlined in their initial offer letter.

Purdue will honor tenure, and IU transferring faculty can continue research and advising at Purdue University in Indianapolis. There are many options available to the transferring faculty. All the options provide support to continue research and to continue advising PhD students, and the selection or choice of an option will not impact the faculty member’s ability to continue to advise and mentor graduate students. Furthermore, Purdue will support you in completing the degree path you have already started or in helping you realign with the faculty member’s new academic department. General information regarding the classification of faculty and allowable service levels is available in Appendix M of the University Catalog.

Yes. Purdue will honor students in 4+1 pathways or approved combined degree programs, provided students have declared their intention to complete that pathway by November 2024. General information regarding combined degree programs is available in Section III.C.2 of the University Catalog. Information regarding the use of Undergraduate Excess credit taken as part of a 4+1 pathway is posted in Section VII.B.1.a.3. More information about declaring an intention to pursue a 4+1 pathway will be available this fall.

Purdue University is committed to offering classes listed on an approved plan of study through the end of the “Teach Out Period.” Students who have not completed their required coursework by such time will work with their major professor to identify alternative course offerings.

Generally, yes. The definitive agreements governing the realignment included a Research Transition Agreement that allows for continued access to the research equipment and facilities in use by Purdue-aligned programs today.

You will be able to indicate a preferred location during the application process. Ultimately, your offer of admission will have the information you need about your assigned location. Admitted students working with a particular faculty member can expect to be assigned to that faculty member’s location. Students may request to change their degree objective, including preferred location, using the G.S. Form 17B. However, program administrators retain the right to request any additional information to review students’ suitability for the requested program along with the G.S. Form 17B, including up to a new formal application. This is in alignment with current Purdue University transfer and degree objective change processes noted in Section VII.H of the University Catalog.


Yes. English proficiency scores will need to be reported to Purdue. TOEFL scores or other measures of English proficiency will need to be submitted electronically. For more information on English proficiency visit: https://www.purdue.edu/gradschool/admissions/how-to-apply/apply-toefl.html.

Purdue University will continue to offer the coursework required to complete nonthesis master’s programs through at least Spring 2027. Students who have not completed their coursework by this time will work with their advisor to identify alternate pathways to degree completion.

You can review a benefits comparison here.

After July 1, 2024, exceptions to the Graduate School policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may be requested by submitting a letter with justification for the exception to the Graduate School for consideration. Requests must be endorsed by the student’s major professor and the head or chair of the graduate program. The Graduate School may require additional approvals if the request may impact other offices within the university (see Section VII.I of the University Catalog).

Yes, you will be allowed to take courses at IUI, and to the extent they satisfy a degree requirement, they will not be considered transfer credits. There will be individual consortium agreements in place that will facilitate the exchange of this coursework.

Yes. IUPUI will coordinate summer internships for students during the summer of 2024. For students seeking credit for internships, both institutions will need to be involved. More information on this process will be released as the process develops.

The degrees are the same, but the location of the delivery of that degree is different. There may also be some distinctions in areas of focus.

Yes. The requirements, outcomes and expectations will be exactly the same.

Long term, students will have the option of taking courses at either location, and there will be a variety of courses offered at each location. We are still working out the level of flexibility students will have in the first year of Purdue University in Indianapolis.

Transitioning students will not need to report GRE scores to Purdue. New applicants will need to submit scores electronically from ETS to the Purdue West Lafayette campus using code 1631.  


Yes. Purdue will offer all staff members employed by IU as of June 30, 2024 employment. With the first day of Purdue employment effective July 1, 2024.

Purdue will offer and provide to each Transferred Staff member the same salary rate as such Transferred Staff member earned at IU as of the end of the Transition Year, or a higher salary rate depending on market factors.

IUPUI staff years of service credits will transfer from IUPUI to Purdue.

If the student (employee or dependent) is participating in a Purdue program, the remission benefit will follow the Purdue Remission Policy. If the student is participating in an IU program at any campus, the tuition benefit will be grandfathered for those students who started the program between Fall 2020 and Fall 2024. The IU tuition benefit will be honored through May 2028.

Purdue will allow staff to transfer up to 80 hours of accrued vacation at the time of transition. This will allow employees to have leave time available while vacation begins to accrue following Purdue’s policy (see Purdue Leave of Absence Policy). IUPUI will pay out any additional vacation hours above 80 hours per IU policy. Sick time will not transfer and will be managed by IUPUI at separation per IU policy.

Visit our website to learn more about Purdue’s job structure. More information about the structure will be rolling out in September and October for staff.

For individuals that are enrolled in an IU medical plan and elect a Purdue medical plan after transition, your accumulations will transfer over to your new Purdue medical plan. This process can take up to 6 weeks after you transfer to Purdue and make your benefit elections. More information will be available to help you through the transition.

Please email purdue-indy@purdue.edu with your questions.

Purdue will transfer up to 80 hours of accrued vacation at the time of transition for staff . This will allow employees to have leave time available while vacation begins to accrue following Purdue’s policy (see Purdue Leave of Absence Policy). IUPUI will pay out any additional vacation time above 80 hours, per IU policy.  

Your current sick time at IUPUI will not transfer and will be managed per IU policy. Please email askHR@iu.edu if you have questions about time off accruals. Upon transition, Purdue will provide a bank of sick time based on your years of service (see Purdue Leave of Absence Policy). 

Staff will not need to apply for their current position, but some might have an interest in new opportunities. Beginning in September, Purdue will hold individual meetings with staff to discuss their professional experience and career goals. Additionally, Purdue will post some positions immediately to support operations during the transition year. Current IUPUI staff who are interested in these early start positions are encouraged to apply.

Benefits offered by Purdue to the IU Transferred Staff will be substantially similar to the benefits received by the administrative and clerical personnel staff of the IUPUI Campus currently employed by IU; provided, however, that such benefits will be subject to change at Purdue’s discretion in accordance with generally applicable University and Purdue West Lafayette campus policies. Check out the IUPUI/Purdue Benefit Comparison document.

It depends on the position. In general, Purdue will create and fill limited new positions as needed prior to July 1, 2024 to support the transition. IU may continue to fill vacancies based on IUPUI’s operational needs. Staff working in a Purdue Realigned Program as of June 30, 2024 will transition to Purdue.

Staff who transition to Purdue will have 30 days from July 1 to elect their benefits. You will receive an email providing information on how to enroll in Purdue benefits and the HR service team will be available to answer any questions you have with this process. Any elected benefits will be effective July 1, 2024.

Yes, a formal onboarding and training calendar will be posted in February 2024. All supervisors and staff are encouraged to take full advantage of this training once it is released.

We are still in the process of mapping positions. There will be individual meetings with staff occurring in September where we hope to learn more about current roles. As a result, there will be some positions who will be slotted into a college and others into a centralized unit.

Purdue medical plans are part of the same Anthem network as IU medical plans.

Employees who enroll in a Purdue medical plan can elect to have a Health Savings Account. Purdue will make contributions to your HSA based on your medical plan enrollment. Contributions are made in conjunction with your pay schedule. The following amounts are Purdue’s annual contributions:  

  • $200 for employee-only coverage  
  • $400 for family coverage (employee + one or more)  

Employees and covered spouses who participate in the Healthy Boiler wellness incentive program can earn additional Purdue contributions to their HSA. The incentive funds can be earned through a variety of steps – Step 1 (an annual physical) must be completed before other steps will be paid. The following amounts are Purdue’s incentive contributions if employee and covered spouse complete all incentive activities:  

  • $450 for employee-only coverage  
  • $900 for family coverage (employee + one or more)   

Information about the incentive steps can be found here: https://www.purdue.edu/hr/CHL/healthyboiler/incentives.php  

HSA Bank manages Purdue’s Health Savings Accounts. Once you elect and open your HSA, you can transfer funds you have in other HSAs to your new HSA Bank account. Purdue will cover any fees associated with this transition. More information will be provided to you at the time of transition.  

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We will independently operate a 28-acre new site, in addition to current engineering and technology buildings offering nearly 150,000 square feet of space to support research, teaching and learning. We will also create additional locations throughout Indianapolis.

Purdue plans to integrate with the local community and honor the proud history of the neighborhood surrounding IUPUI’s existing campus. Purdue is in active conversations with the city of Indianapolis during its reimagination of the historic Indiana Avenue neighborhood. Purdue will continue to plan its Indianapolis campus footprint while honoring and participating in those important discussions.

Purdue University in Indianapolis received $60 million from the Indiana General Assembly to fund an academic and student success building on its 28 acres that will be an integral part of campus life for students and faculty. The working groups are targeting additional building projects, including a possible new residence hall, to support growth in Purdue enrollment.

We are working with our Indiana University partners to determine this answer, and the full schedule of fall classes will be published in spring 2024.

There will be some changes because students will start using Purdue systems. We will have more information about specific registration processes available in spring 2024.


IUPUI graduates with Purdue degrees will still have Purdue degrees. During IUPUI’s 53-year existence, there was never an IUPUI degree issued – only Purdue University degrees for graduates from Purdue programs and Indiana University degrees from graduates from IU programs. In the wake of this transition, we look forward to building a stronger relationship with our Indianapolis alumni.

Purdue for Life – created in 2020 by uniting the Purdue Alumni Association and the University Development Office – drives and coordinates all alumni-related activities across the Purdue family’s postgraduation lives and works with alumni, friends and fans to garner support for the institution.

Learn more about all the ways you can get involved at PurdueForLife.org.


The decision tree for submitting Purdue -Indianapolis research projects can be viewed here. Research projects where the lead researcher will remain an Indiana University faculty member will continue to be managed by IU. Research projects where the lead researcher is affiliated with Purdue University in Indianapolis will be reviewed by Purdue’s Sponsored Program Services office to facilitate the transfer of grants and contracts to Purdue. The primary objective is to continue support of existing and new research consistent with the respective mission areas of both universities while minimizing disruption to research activities.

If you are a lead investigator transferring to Purdue and are considering a new proposal submission for a project that will be in effect after August 2024, please contact Beth Siple, director of Sponsored Program administration, at sipleb@purdue.edu, to initiate the process.

Yes, research proposals and awards involving both Purdue University in Indianapolis and Indiana University Indianapolis investigators should continue as before. To facilitate the collaboration, part of the award may need to be transferred by the home/prime holding institution via a subcontract to the other institution.

For grants and contracts transferred by IU to Purdue, the facilities and administrative rates in place at IUPUI prior to July 1, 2024, will be honored by Purdue until the end of the current project period. If Purdue rates are lower than those of IUPUI, the lower Purdue rate will be charged beginning on the effective date of the award transfer to Purdue. If a new proposal is submitted, Purdue’s rates should be used when developing the budget. For subcontracts between the parties due to the transition, the receiving party (subrecipient) will charge and recover F&A fees. The subcontracting party will waive F&A fees on the subcontracted amount to ensure direct costs are not reduced due to the unanticipated subcontract.

Transitioning faculty that will need access to previously disclosed intellectual property should identify it and communicate with the Indiana University Innovation and Commercialization Office. This will start the process of review to determine an appropriate license or transfer. During FY24, IU will share new disclosures made by Purdue University in Indianapolis researchers and students with Purdue’s Office of Technology Commercialization. Both offices will work together with the Purdue University in Indianapolis research team to determine if the newly disclosed intellectual property should be wholly owned and managed by IU, wholly owned and managed by Purdue, or jointly owned and managed under the IU-Purdue master inter-institutional agreement.

Purdue business offices and the Purdue Sponsored Program Services office, in collaboration with the Engineering and Technology and Computer Science research administrator and the IU Office of Research Administration, will work with transitioning researchers with active grants to assess the status of existing grants and contracts on a case-by-case basis. The following options may be considered:

  1. Transfer of the grant or contract award to Purdue.
  2. Subcontract a portion or all of the grant or contract to Purdue.
  3. Transfer the grant or contract award to Purdue with a subcontract back to IU for portions of the award.
  4. Close the grant or contract.
  5. Take other appropriate actions as needed.

Yes,Purdue University in Indianapolis researchers will be able to access Purdue core research facilities at Purdue. Internal rates will apply starting July 1, 2024, unless the award is transferred or established at Purdue prior to July 1, 2024. Purdue Research Cores provide access to instrumentation, equipment and facilities (including databases), software, or professional expertise in the design and conduct of specialized measurements, analysis and interpretation of data, and research collaboration. For more information, see: https://www.purdue.edu/research/oevprp/centers-and-institutes/cores-list.php.

Between now and July 1, 2024, Purdue and IU will work together to determine the status of existing IUPUI research centers and institutes based on their alignment with institutional programs and strategic priorities.

Questions on Purdue HPC resources for Purdue University in Indianapolis researchers should be directed to Arman Pazouki, Purdue’s director of scientific applications, at apazouki@purdue.edu, who will be working with IU to bring on board HPC users.

Researchers should continue to use their current human subjects review, animal care/use, biosafety, radiation and laser safety, controlled substances, research security, and responsible conduct of research services. Between now and July 1, 2024, Purdue and IU will establish use agreements for these topics, with the goal of not adding any additional approvals or regulatory requirements for researchers.

The Purdue University in Indianapolis research transfer agreement can be found in appendix E of the program transfer agreement between IU and Purdue: June 14, 2023, IU-Purdue Program Transfer Agreement IUPUI.pdf.

Purdue University in Indianapolis researchers can reach out to Purdue’s Office of Research for assistance with research grant questions. Pre-award staff members from Purdue’s Sponsored Program Services team will provide support with proposal development and submission including review of sponsor guidelines, budget preparation assistance, communication with subrecipients, and final review and approvals from the institution. In addition to proposal submissions, Purdue’s Sponsored Program Services office is ready to support you with questions related to the transfer of existing awards, execution of other research-related agreements such as nondisclosure agreements and material transfer agreements, and assistance with intellectual property questions. Any inquiries can be directed to Beth Siple, at sipleb@purdue.edu, for further guidance.

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More FAQs will be added in the coming months.

Ideas and suggestions for Purdue University in Indianapolis can be submitted to Purdueindy@purdue.edu.